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Do you know the energy saving potential of your hydronic system?

Are you familiar with the hydronic system in your building? Determine the potential for energy optimization with just a few clicks.

The accommodation of a building may change over time. Accordingly, it is important that the technical equipment is also adapted to the new accommodation. Energy-efficient building renovations can be implemented economically by adjusting the existing system, replacing outdated HVAC components, or by adding new, up-to-date technological advancements. It is not always necessary to renew or replace entire systems to increase energy efficiency and minimize operating costs.

Are you interested?


Actuators, valves, and sensors are responsible for ensuring reliable functioning HVAC systems. Damaged or non-functioning can lead to degradation and poor system performance, causing energy waste, occupant discomfort, and increased costs. Belimo offers standard and customized retrofit solutions that increase performance, efficiency, and reliability with fast delivery backed with a 5-year warranty.

Using the Belimo RetroFIT App is the quickest way to find out which valve types can be equipped and modernized with a Belimo actuator.