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Quick start

In few simple steps you can connect to the Belimo Cloud and interact by mean of the Cloud API.

Once you subscribed to the Cloud Developer Space you can access the complete documentation about our Cloud API. Just log in https://cloud.belimo.com using your Developer account and then chose "support" -> "Documentation" 

The documentation is about our Cloud REST API and you can download the actual version here: https://cloud.belimo.com/apispec/clientapi-v3-openapi-spec.json

Once you have downloaded it, you can import it into any tool able to import OpenAPI.

For instance you can use Insomnia API Client, a collaboration platform for API development. You can get it here: https://insomnia.rest/


Login and credentials

In order to create your own application please subscribe to the Cloud Developer Space, you will receive instructions and credentials to identify your new application.

In the picture on the left you can see how to use these information in Postmant to obtain access using the OAuth2.0 mechanism.

Remember: while designing the architecture of your new application the credential you will receive must be kept private and protected, they represent your identity and the identity of your application and so they are under your responsibily.

Obtaining support

What explained in this page is the basic approach to the development of an application using the Belimo Cloud API.

In order to obtain support for your code please subscribe to our Cloud Developer Space and get in touch with our technicians.

In order to obtain support for an idea of your new application write an email to: iot@belimo.ch