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At the AHR Expo, Belimo is excited to demonstrate the new Internet of Things actuators. IoT is transforming our world, connecting multiple devices to make our lives easier, safer and more comfortable. Discover what IoT means for the future of HVAC, from cloud connectivity and all-in-one simplicity to fast, easy commissioning and remote monitoring. Belimo will be showcasing the series of fail-safe and non-fail-safe damper, and valve IoT actuators with a torque range from 45 to 360 in-lbs. Paired with integrated sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, VOCs, or flow throughout an entire building. These actuators include BACnet, Modbus or Belimo Cloud connectivity and designed to monitor, log, and share system data with the Building Management System.

Peter Schmidlin, Belimo Chief Innovation Officer, will be presenting at the AHR Expo New Product Theater on Smart Connected Actuators Making Systems Transparent in Theater A, Room C101 on Monday, January 14th at 4:45 pm. This session is being video tapped and will be available online at www.belimo.us.