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The most intelligent butterfly valve on the market

The latest technology for butterfly valves from Belimo is especially designed for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and fully meets all of its requirements. Butterfly valve/actuator combinations are available in DN 25 to DN 700 for 2-way open/close and modulating control applications, 3-way combinations for changeover and control applications from DN 150 to DN 300.

The Belimo advantage

Efficiency and reliability in versatile applications

Product range

8 reasons for using Belimo butterfly valves

1. Flexible utilisation options

2. Absolute seal integrity

3. Energy-saving design

4. Reduced weight and low installation height

5. Transparent communication

6. Seamless integration of sensors

7. High operating safety

8. Fit for reliable control tasks

Belimo Assistant App

With the Belimo Assistant App, the 2- or 3-way control butterfly valves as well as the 3-way changeover butterfly valves can be parametrised via Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC works without power and enables easy commissioning, parametrisation and maintenance directly from a smartphone.

Retrofit solutions for butterfly valves of other manufacturers

The Belimo retrofit product range includes universally applicable actuators to replace defective actuators or to motorise existing installations.

Customer-specific products

These days, challenges in planning and on the construction site are difficult to solve using standard products, which is why customer-specific solutions are becoming increasingly important. We build the actuator you need – with the cable length, connector plug and parametrisation you specify. On request, we mount the actuator to a valve and create a pre-mounted assembly from pipe parts, sensors, connections and much more. 

  • Different cable types and lengths with or without a connector plug. 
  • Product labelling with your customer information (e.g. where the actuator is to be installed in the building). 
  • Completely prefabricated and tested assembly (e.g. seal integrity) with components of your choice.
  • On request with flexible pipelines, with special coatings or insulation.
  • We take care of the parametrisation for you (e.g. adjustable running time, switching differential and bus parameters). For HVAC performance devices (e.g. Belimo Energy Valve™), we prepare the complete commissioning for you according to your specifications.

We offer a "complete carefree package" for your application.

  • Customer advantages
  • Software / Plug-ins
  • Success stories
Customer advantages

General contractors / Investors

Your focus is on the profitability of buildings. This not only includes investment costs, but also costs during ongoing operation / servicing. Sustainability and cost transparency are important to you. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Quick amortisation thanks to lower investment compared to currently available solutions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maintenance-free, reliable valve-actuator combination

Consulting engineers

Planning HVAC systems is your core competence. You are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to save energy and improve room climate. You work with the most modern methods and use data from suppliers / manufacturers for your planning. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 80% compared to standard solutions
  • Flexible application thanks to multifunctional control (0.5...10 V, 2...10 V, BACnet, Modbus, MP-Bus), adjustable running time, fail-safe option and universal power supply from 24 to 240 V.
  • Lower height compared to conventional solutions

System integrators

Your task is to design building management systems and optimally integrate field devices. Your goal is to reduce complexity and ensure transparency for the continuous optimisation of building technology. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Simplified commissioning via Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Diagnostics and application data access with BACnet or Modbus
  • Flexible application thanks to multifunctional control (0.5...10 V, 2...10 V, BACnet, Modbus, MP-Bus), adjustable running time, fail-safe option and universal power supply from 24 to 240 V

Specialist wholesalers

For your customers you rely on high availability, easy selection and short delivery times for the products you offer. You require quick and easy access to information as well as comprehensive technical support from your suppliers. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Flexible application thanks to multifunctional control (0.5...10 V, 2...10 V, BACnet, Modbus, MP-Bus), adjustable running time, fail-safe option and universal power supply from 24 to 240 V.
  • Lower maintenance cost with products engineered for HVAC applications and backed with a 5-year guarantee

Installers/plant engineers

The installation of HVAC building technology is your trade. To carry out your work, you need the right products at the right time on site. Easy mounting and expert support allow you to meet your tight schedule. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Fast programming, commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Even when the actuator is not powered it can be programmed
  • Fast installation with accessible connection box for cable access, together with the control element assembly with two screws allows the valve unit to be quickly installed
  • Less commissioning effort with NFC and a smartphone – the Belimo Assistant App enables fast setup and troubleshooting
  • Easy troubleshooting with its unique position indication that can be viewed from long distances and at any angle

Building owners

Improvements in comfort and energy consumption as well as simple building expansions and upgrades are a constant challenge for you. Optimising your HVAC system with the least possible effort and low costs is in the main focus. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • 80% less current consumption thanks to patented brushless DC motor technology
  • 0% leakage at up to 14 bar close-off pressure
  • Reliable operation over the entire service life of the valve
  • Simple integration of external active and passive sensors

Facility managers / Building maintenance

Management, control and operation of buildings and their technical equipment is part of your daily tasks. You seek solutions to ensure room comfort and optimise system operation. You value simple and transparent systems and, if necessary, quick delivery of spare parts and support available at all times. Belimo butterfly valves offer:

  • Unique position indication that enables troubleshooting from a distance
  • Fast programming, commissioning and troubleshooting using NFC, even when the actuator is deenergised
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 5-year guarantee
Software / Plug-ins

Belimo Valve Sizer App

With the Valve Sizer App, you can select the right Belimo valve and actuator in a targeted and convenient manner in the HVAC field (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Specify the flow and differential pressure, define other features, such as the connection type, the nominal diameter or the PN class then select the appropriate actuator (standard actuator, fast runner or fail-safe actuator). All data sheets are also available.

Belimo Assistant App

Belimo Assistant App for onsite operation of devices with built-in NFC interface

Complete transparency at all times regarding your Belimo HVAC actuator solution and the operation of your system. With the Belimo Assistant App your smartphone or tablet provides wireless on-site operation for VAV, sensors, damper and valve actuators.

Display identification data: device type, position, designation, serial number, MP address
• Operating data and setting parameters: device-specific
• Send operating and setting data directly from the system, via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS 
• Diagnosis page: device specific state information
• Storage of operating and setting data in notes
• Data transmission with deenergized actuator or during ongoing operation
• Automatic language adaptation (DE / EN / FR / IT)

Belimo RetroFIT App

With the Belimo RetroFIT App, you can specifically replace your outdated or defective actuators and sensors from various suppliers with devices from Belimo in the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Be it for ventilation or water applications, you can easily find the right replacement actuator (globe valve actuator, rotary actuator, actuator, ventilation actuator) from Belimo to modernise your installation with the best quality and highest performance.

The complete product range of Belimo sensors is now also integrated in the app.

Belimo MP-Bus

Belimo PC-Tool (MFT-P)
Adjustment and diagnostic software for MF/MP/MOD/LON/KNX actuators incl. fire protection.
For Windows Systems.

Service Tool ZTH EU

The ZTH EU service tool simplifies diagnosis, operational checking and setting for HVAC performance devices. Connected directly to a parametrisable or communicative actuator from Belimo, current values can be read on site and reset immediately.

When using the ZTH EU as an interface for the PC-Tool (MFT-P), the corresponding USB driver is installed when the PC-Tool software is installed. The driver can also be downloaded here and installed separately.

BIM plug-in for Autodesk Revit

3D data models with technical information from Autodesk Revit via the BIM plug-in

This plug-in allows you to select Belimo actuators, valves and sensors from one database and then add them to the building information modelling project with their technical data via drag & drop. All BIM users thus have access to all data in a structured and classified form in the Revit MEP format.

Success stories