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Room sensors and
room operating units

Comfortable and healthy indoor air with room sensors and room operating units

Belimo room sensors and room operating units are designed to complement the existing sensor range. Their simple, clear aesthetics are ideal for installation in visible areas, featuring an elegant design and shallow depth that perfectly blends with the surroundings. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers architects an aesthetic and timeless design, installers quick assembly, system integrators easy commissioning with a smartphone and end customers a comfortable and healthy room climate.

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Red Dot Winner 2022

We are proud that our room sensors and operating units have won the most prestigious product design award - the Red Dot Award for 2022. 

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. There are prize categories for product design, brands and communication design, and design concept. Since 1955, designers and producers can apply for the prizes.

The Red Dot Award: product design dates back to the 1950s. Each year, the competition awards outstanding design achievements and product innovations. Decisions on awarding distinctions are made by an independent panel of experts. This year’s jury was comprised of 48 judges from 23 countries.

Key benefits of our room sensors and room operating units

The Belimo room units measure temperature, humidity and CO2 to monitor and control comfort and air quality, helping to achieve a healthy and comfortable room climate while optimising the use of energy.

  • With ePaper touch display
  • Fast installation thanks to spring-loaded terminal blocks and snap-on cover
  • Configuration, setpoint adjustment and diagnosis of active devices via app
  • LED as traffic light function for air quality (CO2)
  • Short reaction time
  • De-energised configuration via smartphone*
  • Intuitive diagnostic function via smartphone*
  • Aesthetic, timeless design

* for active devices

Configurable to specific applications

The display on the room units is individually configurable and all display elements can be shown, changed, or hidden. Depending on the application, a setpoint for the temperature or fan speed can be shown or the device can be used solely as a sensor with display.

  • Very good legibility thanks to the high contrast
  • Easy to use due to the touch display
  • No disturbing backlight at night

Success stories

A class act in indoor air quality monitoring in classrooms at Collège Laval

Collège Laval maintains an unparalleled quality of education by taking the health of its students and staff very seriously. The relationship between well-being and productivity is well established, and Collège Laval places comfort and safety at the heart of its priorities to ensure that everyone's potential and talent is developed. 

By installing 115 smart room sensors within the college, it is now possible to precisely detect air quality in real-time, even from a smartphone. To achieve this, the college staff worked together with Immotik, a distributor, installer, and integrator of BACnet products, to select and install a network of sensors in six wings of the college. Each sensor can be scanned quickly and easily to access data in real-time, without prior calibration, via the Belimo Assistant App and a smartphone. It also allows field adjustment, commissioning, and troubleshooting even without power.

You can only manage what you can measure

Emch+Berger ImmoConsult AG is an Emch+Berger Group company that provides planning, consulting, and management services for the real estate sector throughout Switzerland. Emch+Berger takes pride in generating clever solutions for its clients for the entire life cycles of their buildings.

The company's new premises in Zurich were planned and designed as a vanguard building automation project with respect to control, data transparency, and the integration of IoT field devices.

The Belimo room sensors are responsible for reliable monitoring of the indoor air parameters to accurately control the HVAC system and to provide the required levels of comfort and air quality. - And this obviously has to be both energy efficient and effective in terms of maximizing well-being and productivity indoors.

With all these requirements in mind, Emch + Berger's aim was also to gain expertise in applying leading-edge technologies for dynamic building environments.

A must for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate

ROVC is a technical training center that has trained around 20,000 trainees in industrial and air conditioning technology in the Netherlands. CO2, relative humidity, and temperature are measured in each room or practice hall, as a healthy indoor climate is essential for instructors, course participants, and staff.

"We can simply connect Belimo's room sensors to our smartphones for commissioning, which is quick and easy. And they have high accuracy and fast response times," says Nico van Leeuwen, Business Developer at ROVC.

Straightforward installation

Belimo room sensors and room operating units have been designed to be easily installed while preventing mounting and wiring errors. They combine innovative technology with simple installation for trouble-free long-term operation. The sensors feature removable spring-loaded terminal blocks with push-in terminals enabling simple, time-saving, and secure connections. The versatile mounting plate fits all commonly used wall boxes around the world. 

Fast commissioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting with the Belimo Assistant App

Commissioning and diagnostics are further simplified by the Belimo Assistant App, which uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable straightforward setting of critical parameters via a smartphone. The App was developed to provide device settings and operating data for all our active Belimo room devices at your fingertips. Using your smartphone's NFC function, it provides wireless, efficient configuration, control, and on-site operation of room sensors, even if the sensor is not connected to a power supply.

Clear display and intuitive operation - the Belimo Display App

The Belimo Display App is the most innovative way to access Belimo sensors. With the intuitive end-customer app, the current room values can be displayed and setpoints can be adjusted. This means that a display on the room unit is not required. Thanks to communication via NFC (Near Field Communication), third parties cannot access safety-critical data.

  • Innovative setpoint adjustment with the intuitive app without the need for a display on the room unit
  • Compatible with the latest generation of active Belimo room sensors and operating units
  • Optional access protection with a four-digit code
  • Display of the CO2 concentration with a customisable traffic light function

And this is how it works:

  1. Download the Belimo Display App
  2. Hold the smartphone to the room unit
  3. View/adjust actual values or setpoints
  4. To activate the setpoints, hold the smartphone up to the room unit again

Get to know the people behind

The Belimo Room Sensors team developed the devices with a lot of passion and energy.

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All room sensors and room operating units at a glance

Belimo room sensors and room operating units have been engineered to suit regional and local market requirements, therefore certain models are only available in designated regions.


How-to videos

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More about HVAC solutions for healthy indoor air

We all spend a large part of our lives indoors, but how often do we think about the impact indoor air quality (IAQ) has on our productivity, well-being, and health? HVAC systems are often installed with the purpose of maintaining comfort levels in a building. However, less is usually known about the health benefits and energy efficiency of the building. By using central air handling units (AHUs) we address both the sustainability and indoor air quality aspects. Belimo offers a range of innovative solutions to optimise monitoring and control of HVAC systems and indoor air quality. Our framework "Seven Essentials of Healthy Indoor Air" provides valuable information on how HVAC devices can contribute to indoor air quality in buildings without compromising energy efficiency.

We have compiled the topic into a brochure with contributions from experts on indoor air quality: