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Belimo Energy Valve™
Energy Savings You Can See

Transparent Energy Monitoring with the Belimo Energy Valve™

The Belimo Energy Valve™ is an electronic pressure independent control valve with software-based services and cloud connectivity, measuring flow and temperature to monitor coil performance and energy consumption while maintaining the optimal Delta T. Automatic reports show actual and historical performance data, recommending the further potential for energy savings, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting. It supplies a BMS system with the information it needs to control central plants in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Vast Energy Savings at the Citizen Plaza Nashville Due to Energy Valves

Hear from Chad Lovell, Operation and Safety Specialist at Jones Lang LaSalle, more about the implementation of Energy Valve at the Citizen Plaza in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Low Delta T syndrome is a common and costly problem in many large facilities worldwide. This was the case for JLL, Commercial real estate agency for the Tennessee State office buildings until the installation of the Belimo Energy Valve. Citizen Plaza and Andrew Jackson are reaping the rewards of higher Delta T with improved occupant comfort, elimination of penalties to the district energy plant, along with a savings of 49% in chilled water pumping and over $23,000 a year in chilled water savings. 

See Where Your Building Energy is being Used

The Energy Flow Map is an online tool for Energy Valve customers connected to the Belimo Cloud. It allows you to visualize all Energy Valves in the system by location. The user can quickly visualize where the energy is going and has the ability to improve system performance in areas operating outside of the design criteria.

  • Building floor plan allows you to assign the Energy Valves to the appropriate area and to display custom load profiles providing focus on specific areas.
  • A dashboard consolidates all the Energy Valve data from one or multiple buildings into an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays critical key performance indicators (KPIs).


Learn from Jon: How To Detect and Solve The Low Delta T Syndrome

Temperature spread monitoring (Delta T) is necessary to ensure the efficient operation of a plant over its entire life cycle. If a heating or cooling system is operated with excessive amounts of water, this cannot be converted into a higher heating or chilling capacity. However, if the temperature spread between flow and return flow is reduced, Low Delta T syndrome can occur. This affects the efficiency of the complete HVAC system and results in additional energy requirements. Some possible causes for the Low Delta T syndrome are operational contamination of the heat exchanger, incorrectly sized control valves, missing or static hydronic balancing and differential pressure fluctuations.

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Download the presentation to learn how to solve Low Delta T and to reduce pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing plant efficiency.

Most Capable Valve in the HVAC Industry - The Belimo Energy Valve™

The Belimo Energy Valve is comprised of a characterized control valve, an ultrasonic flow meter, two temperature sensors, and embedded software. 

Heating Application

The animation shows a Belimo Energy Valve on the supply side of a heating application.
The Delta T set point in the valve is matching the design Delta T of the coil, 11° Fahrenheit /6 Kelvin.

As the temperature sensors start to realize a lower differential temperature across the coil, the valve begins to close, and the flow starts to slow down, allowing a more efficient heat exchange across the coil and eliminating overflow.

Once the valve realizes that the Delta T is beginning to stabilize, it allows more flow back through the coil and keeps the optimum heat transfer available.

Cooling Application

The animation shows a Belimo Energy Valve set up on the return side of a cooling coil. 
The Delta T set point in the valve is matching the design Delta T of the coil, 15° Fahrenheit / 8 Kelvin.

As the temperature sensors detect that the Delta T has been below the set point for a few minutes, the valve begins to close to lower the flow. This enables the heat exchanger to optimize the energy output and eliminate the overflow.

As soon as the Delta T begins to stabilize, the valve starts opening to keep the designed heat exchange output through the coil constant.

Learn from Joerg: How to Increase Energy Efficiency with the Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers many integrated functions to perform energy optimization and make HVAC systems more efficient. Learn more about the reduction of thermal energy through better leakage rate, pressure independent control and Delta T management.

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Belimo Energy Valve™ has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

The Solar Impulse Foundation is granted to gather a portfolio of 1000 innovative solutions who meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability. We are proud that Belimo Energy Valve™ has been selected to be one of the 1000 solutions and awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

Find out more about the Belimo Energy Valve™