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Belimo University | Understanding HVAC Fundamentals | HVAC Classes

Belimo University offers comprehensive training programs that will assist you with understanding HVAC fundamentals; from sizing and selection to mounting and installation. Our training programs are available online or onsite.

Online Training Programs

At Belimo University, you have unlimited access to a library of high quality, current, and engaging HVAC video tutorials taught by industry experts. Participants have told us that Belimo University has given them the skills necessary to improve their HVAC skills.

Courses include:


  • Introduction to Control Types
  • Air Damper Actuator Sizing
  • Fire & Smoke Retrofit


  • Introduction to Valve Types
  • Introduction to Valve Characteristics and Valve Limitations
  • Introduction to Valve Sizing


  • Introduction to Belimo Sensors


  • Retrofitting a Globe Valve
  • Retrofitting a Butterfly Valve

Classroom Training

Whether you want to learn how to size and select an actuator, retrofitting, butterfly valves or improve your HVAC knowledge, Belimo University will achieve your training goals. Belimo University trainers have over 30 years of experience. Various solutions are available to suit your training needs.

Courses include:

Certificate Course: Belimo 101-Introduction to Air Damper Actuators, Control Valves, and Sensors

Register for a full-day classroom course that qualifies for a Belimo University certificate. This course will include an introduction to Air Damper Actuators, Control Valves, and Sensors. This is a complimentary course offered at one of our three training locations or can be arranged to be hosted locally.

  • Introduction to Air Damper Actuators
  • Introduction to Control Valves
  • Introduction to Belimo Sensors

PDH Courses

Belimo University offers a wide range of Professional Development Hour (PDH) courses which qualify for continuing education credits for Professional Engineers (PE). These courses are taught by our own Regional Application Specialist whose knowledge and skills make the learning process informative and enjoyable. All Belimo University PDH courses have been approved by the appropriate governing bodies in order to be eligible for continuing education credits.

Courses include:

Hydronic System Performance (1-PDH credit)

Energy and performance models make a few faulty assumptions about hydronic performance.  By understanding these assumptions, we can have a better view of actual performance.  This presentation will examine the performance impact of improper valve sizing, unstable system pressures, and balancing device selection.  It also examines the physical effects of valve authority and coil degradation and presents technologies that can help resolve these issues. 

Sizing and Selecting Actuators for Control Dampers (1-PDH Credit)

This course teaches the design professional to understand the concepts necessary for properly sizing an actuator for a control damper.  Topics covered include the proper calculation of the damper torque load, the proper selection of the actuator,  a review of common control signals, and the need for fail-safe actuators.  At the conclusion of this class the participant will have the necessary information to confidently review the damper actuator project submittals.

Eliminating the High Cost of Over Pumping (1-PDH credit)

This 50-minute presentation will examine how inadequate hydronic balancing will cause over-pumping and low delta T. Low delta T is very costly but can be corrected. Keeping the water in the coils per their design will allow chillers, coils, and pumps to perform according to their design specifications. We will review savings calculations based on correcting low delta T.

Hydronics Control Valve - Specifications, Sizing & Technologies (1-PDH credit)

Control valves should be simple, but when the time comes to select one… It seems that there are many types of valves, many options, and confusing specification terminology. How can we make sense of all of this? And how do we determine the ‘correct ‘ valve for a given application? This course will walk through various types of control valves and their suitable applications. Additionally, there will be a review of proper valve sizing and piping considerations. And finally, the specification and characterization terms for these valves will be defined.

HVAC Sensors - Great Control Requires Comprehensive Measurement (1-PDH credit)

Sensors are often considered a commodity or an afterthought in the design of a building. And while sensors may be ubiquitous in buildings, their function is vital to proper control, comfort, and safety. In this class, we will tour a building, examining the application and function of everyday sensors. We will also investigate clever innovations in sensor calibration and examine the ideology behind changing from relative humidity control to dew point control.

Airside Economizer Modules - Maximize the Efficiency of Packaged HVAC Equipment (1-PDH credit)

This presentation addresses the need for effective airside economizing, specifically in packaged HVAC equipment. Included are analysis of legacy economizers and the associated challenges as well as updates to ASHRAE standards and requirements for airside economizing. Also covered are technical advancements related to newer digital economizers and the requirements for proper setup and installation to maximize economizer hours for the associated climate zones. The four major economizer strategies and modes are addressed. Optional functionality including demand control ventilation, exhaust fan control, alarming as well as fault detection and diagnostics are included as well.

Smoke Damper Actuators (1-PDH credit)

This one-hour PDH course features a basic overview of smoke damper actuators and their control. Topics covered include; codes and jurisdictions, smoke control strategies, smoke control dampers & actuators, testing & maintenance, and specifying smoke damper actuators.

Onsite Training Courses

Belimo University’s classroom training courses are led by highly skilled HVAC instructors and offer hands-on interactive training. Connect and share experiences while expanding your skillset and knowledge.


Our monthly online webinars take smaller portions of a larger topic and systematically discuss the key takeaways. The online webinars offer an interactive question and answer element allowing for the ability to give, receive and discuss information. All sessions are recorded for future viewing.