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Belimo valve assemblies and valve actuators are recommended replacements for failed or damaged components to improve occupant safety, comfort, and productivity. A poorly functioning HVAC system can be transformed into a safer system while minimizing operation costs

†  Verify control valves operate correctly by checking the valve stokes and ensure the selected signal, whether on/off, floating, or modulating, is working accurately.

†  Verify the design flow requirement with a strap-on ultrasonic meter or with another measurement device.

†  Override the valve position with the DDC system and verify that the feedback is tracking the signal.

†  Change setpoint through the BMS or the thermostat to verify proper operation.

†  Inspect the valve stem for leakage.

†  Close the valve, and confirm no fluid is passing through the valve seat by using a measurement device.

†  Make sure the direction of the flow is correct and not reversed.

†  Ensure that you have enough pressure drop across the valve using differential pressure sensors or other measuring devices.

†  Verify water quality and remove any air bubbles from the installation.

If a replacement is needed, Belimo offers a full range of valve actuators,  valve assemblies, piping packages, and pipe sensors to meet your needs. If you need technical expertise, contact a Belimo Regional  Application Consultant.

How to Detect and Solve Low Delta T Syndrome

Low Delta T syndrome is recognized as a typical technical problem in many chilled water systems. It typically increases the energy consumption of chilled water pumps, decreases system overall operating efficiency, and undermines occupant comfort. Possible causes for the low Delta T are coil fouling, insufficient airflow, undersized coils, and incorrectly sized valves. Solving Low Delta T and reducing pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing plant efficiency.