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Šalia mokymo kursų demonstracijų centre Belimo rengia ir internetinius seminarus, skirtus įvairioms įdomioms ŠVOK temoms ir savo gaminiams, kuriuose galite dalyvauti iš bet kur.
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Artėjantys internetiniai seminarai

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Įrašyti internetiniai seminarai

The 7 essentials for healthy indoor air (angliškai)

Tuesday, 29th November 2022 – 10 a.m. (approx. 40 minutes)

We assume that the air in buildings is "clean" and not harmful to our health. This makes it all the more surprising how little building users and operators actually know about the air quality in their spaces. Key variables such as humidity, CO2 content or VOC concentration are almost never measured, much less displayed.

To find out where the about priorities lie in creating a healthy indoor air climate, Belimo conducted a global survey among experts of the ventilation industry and emerged seven fundamental factors for healthy indoor air in functional buildings. 

In this interactive webinar, your participation is requested and you are allowed to give your opinion on the presented topics:

  • Continuous and reliable measurement, display and monitoring of indoor air quality.
  • Accurate amount of air to the zone and controlled removal of contaminated air
  • well designed air dilution and airflow pattern
  • Active pressurization of building envelope and spaces                                                       
  • Correct control of temperature and humidity conditioning
  • Effective filtration
  • Proper amount of outside air

Mikko Gisin is Product Manager Sensors and Meters in the EMEA division at Belimo Switzerland. He has been with the company for four years and is an expert in sensors and ventilation systems.