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Investing in the Future - Together

The information gained through the materiality analysis process supports decisions about the direction of the business and sustainability management, identifying risks and opportunities.

At Belimo, our sustainability activities are guided by our materiality map, a tool that classifies relevant topics along three dimensions:

  • Strategic relevance for the business
  • Impact on sustainable development
  • Relevance for key stakeholder groups.

Identifying these topics and implementing the steps to address them allows us to strengthen stakeholder relationships, monitor high-level opportunities, safeguard against risks, and maintain successful mid-term and long-term growth performance.

The materiality map presents an overview of the topics identified in the process, which started with an industry and peer evaluation and was developed in dialog with group management across the company.

Topics most relevant for business are considered part of further developing our strategic priorities. Learn more about the topics in the dark gray “Interact,” “Impact,” and “Focus” clusters in our annual report.