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The Foundation of
A Sustainable Business

Our values-driven corporate governance lies at the foundation of every facet of our business, informing our commitment to the utmost quality, irreproachable business practices, and sustainability.

The Board of Directors (BoD) is Belimo's highest governing body and is responsible for decisions on the Group's sustainability strategy and definition of corporate sustainability, ESG, and compliance policies. Belimo has three committees. Meanwhile, the BoD’s Audit Committee is responsible for reporting and compliance pertaining to sustainability, ESG, as well as product and operations compliance topics.

The Executive Committee is responsible for sustainability and ESG, while the Sustainability Committee (SCC) manages product and operations compliance topics.

Product and operation compliance

Belimo is fully committed to sustainability and is determined to conduct its business in compliance with high ethical standards and applicable law. Belimo strives for full legal and regulatory compliance, which is a prerequisite and the foundation of its business. The requirements for product and operational compliance are increasing continuously. Consequently, we have to constantly monitor regulatory trends and forthcoming regulations, standards, and policies and assess if and when they have to be implemented.

In 2022, the Group Management established a new Group Sustainability and Compliance Department to steer and coordinate all corporate sustainability and product and operational compliance activities. The Product and Operations Compliance Team covers all regulation and standard-driven requirements directly concerned with the design and development, purchasing, production, assembly, and distribution of products and services. It is leading all global initiatives in coordination with the relevant group divisions.

For additional information about the product and operational compliance topics, please consult these documents:

Management system

Belimo maintains and implements a Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS), which applies to all Belimo sites and employees. The management system is maintained by the Group Integrated Management System function and deployed through a network of quality and environment professionals throughout the regional organisations. Local Belimo subsidiaries implement the Group Management System and adapt it to local regulatory and legal requirements.

At all major sites, Belimo's Integrated Management System undergoes regular audits by an external certification body. Internal audits and regular reviews of quality and environmental performance support the continuous improvement of the management system and its implementation.

The management system certificates are available for download: