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Studies have shown, up to 70% of economizers are not functioning correctly. Many times economizer systems are not set up correctly or are left to operate in factory default mode. Economizer failures generally do not result in comfort problems; many failures go undetected. These problems persist, causing poor filtration, ventilation, and inefficient air exchange resulting in poor indoor air quality. Meanwhile, energy standards and building IAQ requirements are not being met.

†  Verify the damper movement

†  Check the operation of the minimum outside air (MOA) adjustment.

†  Check for failed components such as sensors, linkages, and actuators.

† Purge all spaces pre and post-occupancy to flush the building with clean air.

† Change the start of operation hours (e.g. change 6 am start to 4 am) to provide a virus-free ambient air environment.

†  When activated, the DCV C02 setpoint should be between 800-1000 ppm (during the COVID epidemic, ASHRAE recommends to disable demand ventilation control [DCV] and open outdoor air dampers 100% as outdoor and indoor conditions permit).

If an economizer is not functioning properly or capable of meeting ASHRAE recommendations, replace it with the Belimo ZIP Economizer - the fast track to better IAQ. The ZIP Economizer is the most technologically advanced airside economizer solution on the market. The ZIP Economizer provides the highest energy savings through advanced economizer logic strategies and is compliant with the current energy codes and standards (ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, California Title 24, ASHRAE 189.1).

Control Strategy Component Options

Reopening Facilities & Maintaining Proper IAQ Levels to Minimize

ASHRAE recently released guidelines on how to reopen facilities while maintaining proper IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). In this video, we discuss the importance of IAQ and how it relates to occupancy health and safety. Utilizing Belimo's ZIP Economizer and sensors ensure occupant safety and protection to minimize airborne virus exposure.