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We are HVAC

Belimo Experience Centre (Granges-Paccot, Fribourg, Switzerland)

Individual courses in an innovative training centre

At the Belimo Experience Centre in French-speaking Switzerland, we share our knowledge and professional expertise. We offer training courses in modular format in all areas of the HVAC sector. Whether you are now an engineer, systems integrator or technician, Belimo looks forward to sharing that knowledge with you. We perform training courses in several areas, although mainly in the area of air and water balancing in the systems. In addition to the traditional product-related applications, we also address the latest technologies and innovative products in the training courses. All of the training courses are tailored to the present level of knowledge of the participants. And of course we also offer comprehensive product training courses. The Belimo Experience Centre is a place for meetings, exchanges and mutual support for all who are active in the sector.

Would you like to get to know the Belimo Experience Centre and take part in one of our training courses?

Contact us to discuss your individual training course preferences.

1. Modern hydronics

  • Various valve technologies and their applications
  • Learn the difference between a pressure-independent and a pressure-dependent valve
  • Static and dynamic pressure balancing
  • Practical exercise in pressure balancing at our test setup

Additional training courses to follow.