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Belimo IoT-enabled damper actuators, control valves, and sensors for HVAC applications meet the ever-evolving needs of connected buildings and provide easy access to the devices' valuable data. With system integration into the building IoT platforms and smart buildings, every Belimo IoT device has an additional digital identity, often called digital twin, that offers an open interaction in a digital ecosystem. This digital identity provides a dynamic foundation for applying valuable data, creating new applications and enhancing user experiences, together with different collaborators in the market place. 

Together with our Building IoT collaborators, our IoT-enabled field devices will as always contribute to maximize energy efficiency, reduce building maintenance and create a healthy, safe and comfortable indoor environment. 

Our Digital Ecosystem Collaborators

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The Belimo Developer Space allows you to develop your application by visualising and optimising all of your Belimo devices in position, simulating service and maintenance as you would in the real building, and sharing this detail with colleagues and third parties.

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