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Q: Are there engineering and document guides available in pdf?
A: Yes, everything is available on our website. Please visit our product pages for your region or download the Belimo Energy Valve™ Application Guide.


Q: Can I extend a meter on to an energy valve?
A: Energy Valves before this new version cannot be upgraded to the thermal energy meter used on this version. The logic module is designed to work exclusively with the new version.


Q: How do glycol detection and compensation work?
A: A patented logic continuously measures the amount of glycol in the system. Glycol content has a great influence on the energy and power values with the logic continuously monitoring the glycol content that ensures precise energy and flow measurement. 


Q: How can I do a split installation?
A: A split installation is possible by disconnecting the union between the ball valve and sensor module.


Q: Can I use the product for outdoor applications?
A: Yes, for outdoor applications a special IP 65 protection is provided. These products can be ordered via VC.


Q: What do I need to consider when replacing the product with new products (compatibility)?
A: The components of the new generation of Belimo Energy Valve are not backwards compatible with prior versions.


Q: What happens to a sensor module after replacement?
A: Please send the sensor module back to Belimo for recycling.


Q: What happens on the cloud when I replace the sensor module?
A: The new sensor module can also be activated via the Assistant App. It can also be connected to a cloud account.


Q: What class of meter is it?
A: It is class 2 for the MID version. For non-MID is measurement accuracy equal to class 2.


Q: How secure is the cloud connection?
A: Belimo’s platform utilizes state-of-the-art security measures. You can find more information in our FAQ on Cloud Security


Q: Who can commission the MID certified meter?
A: The MID thermal energy meter can be commissioned by an authorized specialist. The authorization specialist varies with each country.


Q: Can I use the MID product in glycol applications?
A: Yes, although this is not the standard application. The energy values in the web server are glycol compensated, while the energy values on the display are not. 


Q: Can you separate the flow meter from the valve and does it still work as an energy valve?
A: Yes. 


Q: Why is there no certification for cooling application?
A: Heat meters are listed in the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The approval of cold meters is regulated nationally. 


Q: When can we get the mid sizes with MID certification?
A: The units with MID size DN65-150 will be available within the next 2-4 years.


Q: Why do I need a converter to use M-Bus?
A: M-Bus is not integrated on board like BACnet and Modbus, it requires an external converter/gateway provided by Belimo.


Q: What is the silicone grommet for?
A: It guarantees protection at the IP54 level.


Q: Is there an easy way to remove the sensor for recalibration?
A: Yes. An isolator can be added to remove the sensor and fit it to the other side of the valve


Q: What IP rating is available on the valve and meters?
A: The valves and meters have IP54 and for a special version IP67.


Q: What are the differences between the old energy valve and the new one?
A: The main differences are PoE, MID and the updated Belimo Assistant App.


Q: Will the calibration certificate be stored in the Belimo Cloud or just on the app?
A: Yes, the calibration certificate will be stored in the Belimo Cloud.


Q: Are the energy-meters battery backed-up?
AYes. The MID versions of Thermal Energy Meter and Energy Valve have a battery backup.


Q: Is NFC compatible with Apple or Andriod?
A: Yes, you can use either.


Q: If it is not connected to the cloud, what is the data storage capacity?
A: The Energy Valve can store data for up to 13 months.


Q: What is the working temperature range?
A: The temperature range for the Standard version is -10-120°C. For the MID version, it is 0-120°C. 


Q: What is the Pressure Rating available, PN16 or PN25 or both ratings? The available sizes? 
A: Pressure rating PN25, Operating Pressure 1600kPa, available sizes DN15-50.


Q: Will the price be the same as the current line of energy valves?
A: The price will be the same, with a slight price increase for the MID version.

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