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Small devices, big impact.
Energy efficiency delivered

Leading energy efficiency

Buildings are responsible for around 40% of global CO2 emissions. The smart control of heating, cooling, and ventilation loads has a big impact on the energy efficiency of buildings. Belimo sets the standard for energy efficient solutions such as low power consumption actuators, the Belimo Energy Valve™, and ball valve technology.
With optimised and intelligent building control, we can protect the environment and our resources in a sustainable manner. Reducing energy consumption in buildings through increased energy efficiency will provide a significant contribution to stop the rise in global temperatures.

Learn from Andy about the Lowest Power Consumption Actuators

Belimo damper actuators and valves consume up to 80% less energy compared to similar products, achieved by the dynamic holding force detection of the patented brushless DC motor technology. Our small devices will have a big impact on the sustainability of tomorrow. 


Leading energy efficiency with the advanced butterfly valve

Designed specifically for HVAC applications, the advanced butterfly valve assemblies offer an intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high-flow solution focusing on ease of installation, application flexibility, and longevity.

Energy savings you can see. The Belimo Energy Valve™

The Belimo Energy Valve™ provides transparent energy monitoring while maintaining high delta T (differential temperature). Automatic reports show actual and historical performance data, recommending further potential for energy savings. It is an Internet of Things (IoT), pressure- independent valve utilising advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to its full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation.

Learn from Jon: How to solve low delta T syndrome

Delta T is the temperature difference between the supply flow and return flow. If a heating or cooling system is operated with excessive amounts of water, this cannot be converted into a higher heating or chilling capacity. However, the temperature spread between supply and return flow is reduced. The so-called low delta T syndrome occurs. This affects the efficiency of the complete system and results in additional energy requirements for the pumps and the generator. Possible causes for the low delta T syndrome are operational contamination of the heat exchanger, incorrectly dimensioned control valves, missing hydronic balancing and differential pressure fluctuations.

Learn from Joerg: How to increase energy efficiency with the Belimo Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve offers many integrated functions to perform energy optimisation and make HVAC systems more efficient. Learn more about the reduction of thermal energy through a better leakage rate and a pressure independent flow control.

Belimo ZoneTight Zone Valves - Efficient in Every Way

Our unique self-cleaning and bubble-tight ball valve technology prevents circulation losses in hydronic systems, having a major impact on reducing wasted energy.