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From basic hydronic circuits to the correct design of valves and the use of pressure-independent systems: cci Dialog GmbH in collaboration with Belimo is making application knowledge available on these topics in a new series of webinars – free of charge and easily accessible online.

Participants will update their knowledge on interesting topics in the HVAC sector, such as temperature spread and its impact on energy efficiency, 6-way valve solutions for 4-pipe systems, and modern energy billing.

The background to this is that improved control and regulation of systems can also save up to 30% energy in existing buildings - and at the same time increase comfort for occupants and system operators. Belimo develops, produces and sells control devices for the energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, Belimo offers worldwide support for customers in the planning and implementation of their projects. This training series has now been created based on the questions that Belimo's experts answer every day.

Through the cooperation with Belimo, cci Dialog GmbH supplements the training offer. The webinars will be permanently available. During the training sessions, participants can ask questions live. Afterwards, questions can be emailed anytime to the speakers while watching the seminar video recordings.

For the entire HVAC sector

The level of the training courses is selected so that all specialists from the areas of system integration, contracting business and planning companies are addressed. The basic webinars are designed to be product-independent and generally valid - even if products from other manufacturers are to be used.

The following nine webinars on hydronics are currently planned:

  • Basics 1: Hydronic circuits – Date: 2022-03-25 – Watch missed webinar
  • Basics 2.1: Basic knowledge on the design of pressure-dependent valves (Part 1) – Date: 2022-05-06 – Watch missed webinar
  • Basics 2.2: Basic knowledge on the design of pressure-dependent valves (Part 2) – Date: 2022-06-10 – Watch missed webinar
  • Basics 3.1: Basic knowledge on the design of pressure-independent valves (Part 1) – Date: 2023-02-24
  • Basics 3.2: Basic knowledge on the design of pressure-independent valves (Part 2) – Date: 2023-03-24
  • Master class 1: Thermal energy meters (TEM), heat and cold metering, regulation and billing – Date: 2022-07-01 – Watch missed webinar
  • Master class 2: Recognising and rectifying problems with low spread (Low Delta-T syndrome) – Date: 2022-10-21 Watch missed webinar
  • Master class 3: Advantages of 6-way valves – Date: 2022-11-11 – Watch missed webinar
  • Supplement: Webinar on measurement concepts – Date: 2022-12-02 – Register for the webinar here

Selection table of basic hydronic circuits


"Hydronic Circuits" handout, printed version with 2-sided lamination